Alphamum Productions is a new female led production company that we established in order to support our writing and performing. The voice of the middle-aged female could be much stronger  and we want  to share our knowledge and experience.

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Who We ARE

Joann Condon

Leonie Rachel

Leonie Rachel



Joann Condon is a British actor. She started her career in theatre and went on to have roles in fantastic UK comedies and sitcoms such as 'Little Britain', where she was a regular as Fat Fighters attendee 'Pat'. She also performed in 'Edge of Heaven', 'The Office', 'Cradle to Grave' and 'Harry Hill's Shark Infested Custard'. In 2019, she appeared in 'Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes'. Little Boxes is the first time she has written and starred in her own production. See Joann Condon’s show reel here: http://thebwhagency.co.uk/joann-condon

Leonie Rachel

Leonie Rachel

Leonie Rachel


Leonie  Rachel is a new yold writer.  She is currently writing/ has written for Write Label, Sketch Please! and  AlphaMums.  She is also the  Producer and  marketing contact for Alphamums Productions